Make changing banks easy…… 
Let us help you save time. Simply complete and return the “Switch Kit” form below and let us get the paperwork ready for you. Print it, complete the information, fax it, mail it, or drop it off at one of our convenient locations. When you come in, you can complete the paperwork, provide your identification, and make your first deposit to open an account. 
Getting Started….. 
Reconciliation of your existing accounts. 
Be sure that if you intend to close an existing account, you leave sufficient funds in it to cover any outstanding checks drawn upon that account. 
Switch Kit Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q. What do I do with the extra checks I already have?  
A. Dispose of them safely and properly, or we can do it for you. 
Q. Do I have to buy more checks?  
A. No. We will supply you with free starter checks until yours arrive. 
Q. What about Free Checking?  
A. We have it. Freedom Checking, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirement. 
Q. What do I tell my old bank?  
A. Simply tell them we made you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  
Downloadable Switch Kit Form: 
Download our Switch Kit Form here . 
Download Directions: 
  • Click on the above link to download the form
  • While viewing form either, ‘Print’ the form, or click on ‘File’, ‘Save As/Save Page As’ at the top of your window if you would like to save the form to a location on your computer, then print it.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Drop off the completed form at any of our convenient locations and sign letter(s) of transfer authorization while you are there.
    Too much trouble? Simply stop in at one of our locations and we’ll fill out the forms for you!  Its just that easy. 
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