Free Personalized Checks 
Receive all the personally imprinted checks you need at no cost to you.  Your special member checks will be printed with your name and address, or take advantage of a $5 discount on other selected check styles. 
Preferred Rate on New Installment Loans 
When you authorize automatic payment from your account on installment loans, you’ll be eligible for money-saving interest rates 
Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders 
These secure, convenient instruments are available to you with no issue fee. 
Everyday Rebate Rewards 
Get rewarded – simply by purchasing items you use every day.  Save your receipts when you buy groceries, eat out, or purchase clothing.  At the end of every quarter, send in the receipts (up to $100) with your request form and receive 10% back. 
American Bank Debit Card 
Use it instead of a check to pay for groceries, dining, gasoline and more! It’s welcome anywhere Visa® is accepted.  
$10,000 Accidental Death Insurance 
You’ll be protected with $10,000 in Accidental Death Insurance 24 hours a day. 
Identity Theft Insurance 
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, and for victims, it can be a time-consuming and costly job to restore their name and good credit.  Identity Theft Insurance provides you with expert assistance and up to $5,000 in financial relief in the event your identity is stolen. 
Safe Deposit Box 
Store your valuables in a personal-size safe deposit box (2”x5”). It’s yours with no rental fee for an entire year.  Subject to availability. New rentals only. 
Payment Card Protection 
Protect all your ATM, credit and debit cards in the event of loss or theft!  Register your card numbers and with one phone call, you may cancel cards, stop unauthorized purchases and request new cards using our toll-free 24-hour number. 
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