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American Bank has Loan Officers available at each location to help you with all your borrowing needs.  You are free to select a lender you already know, irregardless of location, or you may simply contact the location nearest you, and a loan specialist will be immediately assigned to assist you.   
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**As a security precaution, do not include any personal information in email correspondence, such as account numbers, birth-dates or Social Security Number. 
Cuba City   608-744-2125 
Roger Dammen, Executive VP 
Richard Brown, VP - NMLS# 691202 
Jason Thompson, VP - NMLS# 728150 
Tim White, VP 
Hazel Green   608-854-2251 
Jason Thompson, VP - NMLS# 728150 
*Call 608-744-2125 
Lancaster   608-723-5678 
Chris Prange, President & CEO  
Jean Wanezek, 1st VP - NMLS# 712201 
Fennimore    608-822-7300 
Pam Kreul, Executive VP - NMLS# 712304  
Brad Bodenbender, VP 
Platteville    608-348-4300 
Robert Stauffacher, Executive VP 
Jean Wanezek, 1st VP - NMLS# 712201 
Roger Dammen, Executive VP 
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